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What is ParkBoston?

ParkBoston is a mobile app and website developed by Passport Labs which can be used to pay for parking at metered parking spots in Boston, Massachusetts.

What is Passport Labs?

Passport Labs is a mobile app development company that has developed parking apps for several cities. In addition to the ParkBoston app, they have also published the Passport Parking app. Bostonians should use ParkBoston.

Where is this data from?

I downloaded most of this data from the City of Boston. Check this link if you'd like to download it.

Where is there free parking in Boston?

Here are the only spots I know. If you know of any sweet spots, help everyone out and Contact Us to let me know.

Orkney Road: This spot is nice because there's a ton of spots during the day and it's at the end of the green line.

Behind the MFA: There are a number of spots on Fenway (the road) directly behind the MFA.

Across from South Station: There are a few 15 minute parking spots available. Good in a pinch.

How do I get a resident permit?

You can get a resident parking permit by bringing your registration and valid proof of residence to the Parking Dept (second floor) at City Hall. More info here.

How do I Dispute a Parking Ticket?

You can dispute a parking ticket by filling out a Parking Dispute form.